PSG Flexible Fund

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Low Medium High


The PSG Flexible Fund is a managed flexible portfolio and will seek to follow an investment policy which will aim to achieve superior medium to long term capital growth through exposure to selected sectors of the equity market, and/or gilt market and/or money market. The asset allocation will be actively managed and will continually reflect the portfolio manager’s view of the relative attractiveness of the equity, gilt and money markets, both locally and abroad. The selected sectors of the equity portion will change from time to time in accordance with changing market conditions and economic trends.


Inflation + 6%

Investor Profile

  • The fund invests in a flexible combination of investments in the equity, bond and money markets.

Offshore Exposure:


Inception Date:

2 November 1998

Fund Code:


Fund Manager(s):

Jan Mouton
PSG Asset Management

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The investment objective of the STANLIB Global Property Feeder Fund is to maximise long term total return, both capital and income growth.