Ninety One Diversified Income Fund

Fund Overview

Risk Profile

Low Medium High


The Investec Diversified Income Fund is a flexible fixed interest fund that aims to provide investors with a maximum total return (income plus capital appreciation). The fund targets returns in excess of the benchmark, over rolling three year periods.

The fund may actively allocate between South African bonds, cash, credit, listed property and international fixed income assets including currencies, corporate and emerging market debt. International assets provide excellent diversification opportunities. Foreign exposure is curently limited to 25%. This is a high conviction portfolio.

Investor Profile

  • Seek a reasonable level of capital protection

Offshore Exposure:


Inception Date:

1 September 2008

Fund Code:


Fund Manager(s):

Malcolm Charles, André Roux
Ninety One

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The Ninety One Managed Fund aims to provide investors with stable growth of capital over the long term. The objective is to achieve returns well in excess of the fund’s peer group average, measured over three to five year periods.