Nedgroup Investments Stable Fund

Fund Overview

Risk Profile

Low Medium High


The Nedgroup Investments Stable Fund seeks to offer investors total returns that are in excess of inflation over the medium term. A maximum of 40% of the fund’s assets may be invested in equities at all times. The fund complies with Regulation 28 of the South African Pension Funds Act.

Investor Profile

  • The fund is suitable for conservative investors requiring a high level of capital protection, with the potential for capital growth through a low exposure to equity markets relative to the average prudential portfolio.
  • Investors who do not wish to make complex asset allocation decisions between equities, cash and bonds, both locally and offshore.

Offshore Exposure:


Inception Date:

1 November 2007

Fund Code:


Fund Manager(s):

Dave Foord (Foord Asset Management)
Nedgroup Investments

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The Ninety One Managed Fund aims to provide investors with stable growth of capital over the long term. The objective is to achieve returns well in excess of the fund’s peer group average, measured over three to five year periods.